There are many types of survey plans, each serving a specific purpose.

Whether you are developing a subdivision or condominium, require a topographic survey of a property to assist with engineering design or require a building location survey for mortgage purposes, Van Harten has the staff and expertise to deliver the final product. Below are some of the more common types of survey services offered by Van Harten along with a brief description of each one.


Van Harten has vast experience regarding subdivision development having worked with numerous land developers in various regions in Southern Ontario. Our services begin with the initial conversion to Land Titles Absolute to final registration and barring of the subdivision. We will work with your legal, engineering and planning teams closely through the approval process.


A reference plan is a survey that is used to describe a specific property or parts of a property. These plans are sometimes prepared for severances, creation of new easements or highway plans and are all deposited at the Land Registry Office. Van Harten has completed thousands of these plans for a wide variety of public and private clients.


Van Harten is very familiar with the Condominium Act and is recognized as a local leader in this industry. Whether you are developing a vacant piece of land with a new condominium building or are converting an existing building into condominium units, Van Harten can assist in the process. We consult with the client, engineers, planners and municipalities through the site plan approval process. Once the plan is approved and construction commences, survey crews from Van Harten provide construction layout services to ensure that the buildings and site features are set in the correct position. The completed survey plans that are used for final registration clearly define the units with all exclusive and common element areas.


A topographic survey is an accurate representation of geodetic ground elevations and existing site features such as buildings, curbs, driveways, utilities etc. as they relate to property boundaries. The recorded elevations allow for computer generated contour lines that depict the slope of the land. In some applications the topographic data is placed over aerial photographs to provide a more illustrative depiction of the landscape.

The topographic data that is collected is a primary tool needed for engineering design. The data can also be utilized to create three dimensional digital terrain models to assist with quantity calculations and many other aspects of land development.


A Surveyor's Real Property Report (SRPR) is a survey plan and report indicating the locations of property features (house, shed, fences) relative to the property lines. This plan shows what the purchaser is buying and reveals any easements, encroachments or other encumbrances. If desired, we can also ensure all the property corners are marked with legal survey bars. The SRPR is commonly used for real estate transactions and mortgages as it provides a clear picture of the subject property that would reveal any encroachment issues.


For fencing or any other construction work within your property limits, Van Harten can assist you by uncovering and/or re-setting survey iron bars at all corners of the property. The bars are set flush with the existing ground or grass and are marked with wood stakes to assist you in locating your boundary lines. Need your property surveyed for a fence? Fill out our online Fence Survey Order form.

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