Often with urban and rural residential developments, the municipality will require a drainage certificate or as-built grading plan to ensure that the lot was graded in accordance with the approved site plan. Once the foundation is backfilled and dwelling construction is close to completion, Van Harten often provides grade stake layout to help ensure that the lot is graded in conformance with the approved grading plan. After grading and landscaping is complete, a survey crew will visit your property to record elevations and provide the necessary engineering certification.


Engineering staff conduct site inspections with the contractor and building officials at the time of installation to ensure that the sewage system is installed in accordance with the approved design. We provide engineering certification to you and to the town along with a layout of the installed system that highlights any changes that were made.


With larger commercial and industrial developments, engineering site inspections are often required by the municipality to ensure that the site grading, site servicing and stormwater management facilities comply with the approved engineering design. Engineering staff will conduct inspections during different stages of construction to provide certification upon completion. If necessary, a survey crew will visit your property after grading and landscaping is complete to record elevations and provide an as-built topographic survey.

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