With all new construction in areas where a municipal sewer is not available, the permit process requires the design of a private septic system or sewage system.

Engineers from Van Harten will witness test pits at the site to evaluate soil and groundwater conditions. We are very familiar with the advanced sewage treatment technologies and can consult with you regarding the use of a conventional septic tank system versus an advanced tertiary treatment system or Level IV treatment system.

The site and grading plan is used as a base plan for the preferred sewage design and is accompanied by an engineering report that is suitable for permit application. This work provides our client with an objective solution that suits their needs and allows them to obtain quotations from installing contractors. Inspections are then carried out at the time of installation to certify that the system was installed as per the approved design.

As a requirement of the Ontario Building Code (OBC), most building renovations and additions in unserviced areas trigger a review and assessment of an existing septic system as part of the building permit process to ensure that the system meets today's design standards. Van Harten will conduct an objective review of your system and provide engineering recommendations for future servicing suitable for permit application and approval.

With various commercial sites, restaurants and campgrounds where sewage flows exceed 10,000 L, an application to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) is required in order to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). Referencing a topographic survey of the development, engineering staff from Van Harten will provide consulting services and design work leading to an application for approval.

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