Van Harten is actively involved with the home building industry throughout Southern Ontario.

Our firm provides personal attention to each client through the permit stage and construction to help ensure an efficient and successful building experience. Below are some common services that we provide.


For permit application, Van Harten will prepare a site plan for your new home to be built within a fully serviced registered plan of subdivision that is under a controlled grading plan. This plan clearly illustrates a house position that complies with local zoning by-laws and provides foundation elevations and surface grading of the lot. This plan is part of a Builder's Package that includes an excavation stake-out and final building location survey or SRPR of the constructed dwelling. Once the house has been built and the lot has been graded, Van Harten is able to provide lot grading certification that ensures your lot was graded in conformance with the approved plan.


Whether you are an experienced home builder or an individual home owner, building in an area where municipal services are not available is becoming increasingly regulated and complex.

Van Harten has extensive planning, surveying and engineering experience dealing with conservation authorities and municipalities that will ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken as you proceed towards obtaining a permit to begin construction. Van Harten offers objective and professional advice to accommodate the regulators who are reviewing the application.

Our scope of work varies from client to client and from municipality to municipality; however, these projects often entail a site plan that that illustrates the proposed dwelling location and orientation that meets local municipal and zoning by-laws; a topographic survey of the building envelope; grading design to suit the architectural design of the dwelling that establishes the foundation elevation and surface drainage patterns; and an engineered sewage system design. Our final product is a detailed Lot Development Plan that is suitable for both site plan and building permit applications. Once permits are issued, we offer a complete range of construction layout services to ensure accurate location and elevation of the dwelling as well as sewage system inspections to provide final engineering certification.

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