New commercial, institutional and industrial developments are required to go through a site plan process prior to applying for a building permit.

Depending on the type of development, municipality and team of consultants, our scope of work varies with each project. These projects often involve coordination between the site engineer, structural engineer, architect, landscape architect and geotechnical engineer. At the onset of the project, Van Harten will determine its role and provide appropriate input as the project moves from the initial feasibility through the site plan approval process to construction layout and certification.


Using the site plan and topographic survey along with architectural plans, Van Harten will generate a detailed Site Grading Plan for the development that will establish building elevations and overall surface drainage patterns in both parking and landscaped areas.


A Site Servicing Drawing will be prepared in conjunction with the Site Grading Plan to illustrate service connections between the building and municipal services. This plan will also provide the internal connections between manholes and catch basins.


The Site Grading and Site Servicing design will be accompanied by an engineered stormwater management design brief that will illustrates the drainage catchment areas for pipe sizing and provide pre and post development stormwater modelling for the site that meets the runoff criteria provided by the local municipality or conservation authority.


With developments located within environmentally sensitive areas, there is often concern with loose soil being washed away from the construction site into the natural environment. Once the site engineering design is completed, details with respect to sediment and erosion control are provided on the plan for review and approval by the conservation authority and municipality.


With any site that has cutting and filling operations, Van Harten is able to use topographic data of existing elevations along with engineering design of proposed elevations to calculate the shortage or surplus of material. Local fill alteration by-laws require that an applicant submit a detailed site plan that illustrates the area to be filled as well as the volume of material to be placed. Van Harten will prepare engineering drawings that include areas and volumes of fill material, stages of filling, haul routes, scaled cross-sections of the filing area and sediment and erosion control features.

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